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Services and Pricing

It's so annoying when you go to a website and you can't get pricing without entering your email so here is a breakdown of all of our pricing. 



All regular size screens are $2 each. We clean each one with a brush, soap and water, and towel dry each one.


Regular Windows

Most regular size windows are $3.50 a side per window, excluding door walls and bay windows. This price also includes track and sill cleaning.


Bay Windows, Sliding Glass Doors, Skylights

Each of these are counted as 2 windows each since these tend to be much bigger than regular windows.



Gutter cleaning pricing starting at $100. We remove and bag all the crud that is in the gutter and then spray out and flush every section. 

Other service prices vary per house including, Roof Washing, Power Washing, and Scrubbing House Siding.

Example Of Pricing

Let's say your house has 10 regular size windows, 1 bay window, 1 sliding glass door, and 10 screens. 


Outside windows and Screens only: 10 windows at $40, 1 bay at $8, 1 sliding door at $8, and 10 screens at $30 = $86

Inside and Outside of everything: 10 windows at $80, 1 bay at $16, 1 sliding door at $16, and 10 screens at $30 =  $142


Each house is unique but our pricing is the same for each house. You can calculate the estimated pricing by counting all the windows in your home and you will have an idea of how much it will cost. For every quote and before every job we will walk around your home and calculate the final price and give that information to you before we even start. That way you know exactly what the final total will be so there are no surprises when we are done. 


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